The Challenge

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The project to build a system to trade fully automatically in financial markets began in 1990.

The idea then was to find an automatic way to make trading decisions in a rational and consistent manner. The aim was to build the results of human intelligence into the system while removing humans from instantaneous decision making, thereby avoiding the sort of erratic decisions that people can easily make in the heat of the moment. 

Back then the project was visionary, and in many ways it still is. Automatic trading didn’t exist in 1990, nor did electronic brokers, and computers were very limited by today’s standards. And perhaps even more importantly the available market data was limited in quantity and of poor quality, so Maia built its own systems for collecting and validating data in real time. 

The first trading system in 1994 was able to make all its decisions automatically, but the trades had to be executed by people calling banks. 

Since then, Maia’s research and development team has worked to build more intelligent trading methods. The fully automatic trading system now used by Rudyerd was launched in June 2008 and it has seen substantial further development.  It has traded profitably in a turbulent economic environment.