The Challenge

Growing cities are facing manifold mobility problems with an increasing level of complexity. Because cities are like living organisms, any issue a city faces has an impact on its global functioning. This is why only a holistic solution could deliver satisfactory results.

City mobility issues have given rise to an increasing number of project initiatives throughout the world, but most are either incomplete in their business model, remaining at the level of one particular issue, or technologically weak.

shutterstock_139361762 mobile phone with GPS

Tackling issues in their entirety requires the participation of many stakeholders, whether institutional or corporate, so not understanding technology requirements properly would prove undeniably challenging for any company initiating projects in this realm. 

The Maia solution is unique in offering both correlation and prediction of events. Our solution will enable chains of events to be anticipated, communicated, and acted upon, at the city level as well as at the individual level.

The Maia institute is qualified to address this ambitious project thanks to its previous work in the field of Autonomous Agents, and particularly its unique expertise in pedestrian simulation.