The biographical information below is listed in order of when each person joined The Maia Institute.


Douglas Connor – Director General

Following a BA degree from the University of British Columbia and initial experience in his family’s aircraft business in Canada, Douglas Connor has been an entrepreneur for most of his career. In the early 1970s he started and built high technology businesses in England (with customers in defence, avionics, telecommunications and computing). After selling his business interests in 1984 he spent six years trading in financial markets for his own account. In 1990 he formed Rudyerd Investment Systems Limited, then in 1993 Rudyerd Holdings Limited and Rudyerd Asset Management Limited, in order to develop and apply scientific methods to trading in financial markets. He is Executive Chairman of the Rudyerd group. He was also responsible for the formation of Legion International Limited in 1997 and is Chairman of the Legion group. He has lived in Monte-Carlo since 1987 where he started the Maia Institute.

Jean-Louis Berrou – Senior Scientist

After graduating as an engineer in Solid State Physics and Optics from the Ecole Supérieure d’Optique de Paris-Orsay (1971) Jean Louis first worked in a French Navy laboratory specialised in underwater mine warfare where he developed underwater TV systems and high frequency acoustical imaging systems. Subsequently he spent nine years with NATO measuring underwater ambient noise. During this time he invented many measurement and signal processing techniques now used as standard by NATO navies (with a patent application filed in his name by the US Defence Ministry). He then joined Thomson-Sintra where for seven years he headed a research laboratory in signal processing for underwater acoustics, developing original techniques to measure the low noise radiated by the most recent submarines. He is a signal-processing expert of international repute having contributed to scientific publications like J.A.S.A. and presented papers in many international conferences. He has worked extensively with computers (from PCs to Crays), and has expertise in both hardware and software. Jean Louis has been a key member of the Maia Institute since its inception. He has worked on the Rudyerd project since 1990 and he has also made a very important contribution to the Legion project.

Olivier Moniot – Senior Software Developer

Olivier is an expert in scientific software and real-time systems with Masters and post-graduate degrees in computer science from the University of Nancy. Prior to his involvement with the Rudyerd project he worked on state-of-the-art systems in a number of different fields. He has been responsible for numerous real-time multi-tasking software projects including a control desk for the Paris Metro, a multi-user administrative data acquisition system, and a medical nuclear magnetic resonance imaging system. He worked for 3 years with Thomson-Sintra on various projects for the French Navy, including a large simulator for underwater close-field sound propagation, and an elaborate underwater radiated-noise measurement system. He has been involved with the Rudyerd project since 1990 where his work has included building and maintaining the real-time automated trading system (RtTS).

Dominique Van Cappel – Senior Scientist

Dominique holds an MS degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of Paris (1985) and an engineering degree in Signal Processing and Computer Science from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Télécommunications (1987). He had ten years experience developing state-of-the-art algorithms and methods for military detection, tracking, and classification in the field of underwater acoustics. He is a world class expert in non-linear filtering, pattern recognition and automatic learning systems. He has published work in several areas including speech recognition, large-antenna network design, passive and active detection and tracking for underwater acoustics, and non-linear filtering using Hidden Markov processes. He has been at the Maia Institute since 1997 engaged for most of his time on the Rudyerd project. His work at Maia also involved modelling the dynamics and emergent properties in large networks of interacting individuals, Monte-Carlo optimisation techniques, stochastic processes, and graph theory and methods for analysing architectural designs. Since 2000 he has used his experience in complex interactive systems exclusively to work on the Rudyerd project.  

Dr Radu Manuca – Senior Scientist

After receiving an MS in Physics from the University of Bucharest in 1986 Radu worked in the Institute of Nuclear Energetic Reactors in Romania as an Assistant Professor at the University of Bucharest, and then as a Teaching Assistant at the University of Michigan. In 1997 he received a PhD from the University of Michigan for a thesis which presented specific techniques for describing complex dynamical systems in a more simplified way while retaining the essence of these systems. He subsequently held posts as Lecturer at the University of Michigan, Research Fellow at the College of William and Mary in Virginia and as Research Fellow in the Centre for the Study of Complex Systems at the University of Michigan. He has extensive experience in chaos theory, non-linear dynamics, time series analysis, condensed matter, fluid dynamics and statistical physics as well as a good background in mathematics and in most areas of theoretical physics. After receiving his doctorate, he was responsible for a number of projects. These included building and analysing models of markets using systems with adaptive competition, building dynamical models and predicting failure of combustion engines, analysing EEG recordings from epileptic patients to find techniques to localise the focus of, and predict seizures. Radu joined the Maia Institute in early 2000.  His work has been concerned entirely with the Rudyerd project to which he has contributed important scientific advances especially in the area of market modelling.

Williams Jaozafy – Software Developer

Williams has a degree in Computer Science and image processing mathematics from the Institut Universitaire Technologie de Nice in Sofia Antipolis and advanced qualifications in IT management and network security. He has managed the development of the IT infrastructure for the Rudyerd project and is now working a software developer. He has also participated in the design of database systems and knowledge management systems while at Maia. Williams has been at the Maia Institute since 2002.

Marie-Laure Noel – Marketing Manager

Marie-Laure joined Maia in 2003, after 7 years spent abroad working in international sales (wholesale of luxury products). She held the positions of Accountant then Finance and Administrative Manager for a number of years, before moving to Project Management and Marketing. Since 2011 her responsibilities have included revamping/creating a brand identity for Legion, Maia and Rudyerd, as well as conducting research for the new “smart mobility” project. Marie-Laure holds a degree in international sales and a French MBA from Nice University Business School (I.A.E).

Corneliu Paraschiva – Software Developer

Corneliu has a BSc and MSc from Bucharest University with specialisations in operating systems & databases and real time applications & systems respectively.  After his first work experiences in Bucharest he joined Amadeus Development in France as a Software Engineer where he stayed for five years. His experience includes C++, C, Assembler, Visual Basic, MS SQL SERVER, Visual C++, Java and MS Access. One of his important tasks at Maia has been the development of a simulator with complex optimisation capability. Corneliu joined the Maia Institute in 2005.

Fabrice Barresi – IT Manager

Fabrice is the IT Manager in charge of the entire network and system administration for the Maia Institute. He joined as an intern in 2008. He holds a degree in IT administration and development.

Daniela Nosenzo – Finance & Administration Manager

Daniela joined the Maia Institute in 2008 and is the Finance, Administration and Human Resources Manager. Daniela has been working in Monaco for the past 20 years in both finance and human resources. She holds a MBA from the Theseus Institute in Sophia Antipolis and a degree in Economics from L. Bocconi University in Milan.

Dr Sebastien Paris – Head of Research & Development

Sebastien has a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Rennes in France following a Master of Research in Computer Science specialised in computer graphics and artificial intelligence. He joined the Maia Institute at the beginning of 2010 after two post doctoral fellowships, one with Laval University in Quebec, the other with Trinity College, Dublin. He is a specialist in autonomous agent systems, finite state machines, spatiotemporal reasoning, informed environments, path planning, reactive navigation, and interactive and social behaviours. His initial work at Maia was primarily concerned with scientific research and development for the Legion project, then in 2011 he began working on the Rudyerd project. Sébastien was appointed as Head of Research and Development at Maia in September 2012.

Valentina Carbone – Junior Scientist

Valentina has a degree in Statistics from the Institut Universitaire de Technologie of Nice Sophia-Antipolis followed by a Master in statistics applied to the financial and insurance market from the University of Milano Bicocca. Valentina joined the Maia Institute in early 2010. Her work has been entirely focused on the Rudyerd project where she been responsible for monitoring market behavior and carrying out research to help in the development of new and/or improved trading methods.

Omar Henni-Douma – Junior Scientist

After his Master 1 degree in Applied Mathematics with a specialty in Finance from the Nice University of Science, Omar followed the courses of the Polytech Nice Engineering School in Sophia Antipolis during 2 years and obtained a diploma in Computer Engineering and Mathematics applied to Finance and Insurance. At Maia Omar’s work is concentrated on the Rudyerd project where he has carried out research to help in the development of new and/or improved trading methods. Omar joined the Maia Institute in 2010.

Heather Sun Sothi – Office Manager

Heather is the Office Manager at the Maia Institute. She looks after the administration, payroll and accounting function and is the key person for any matters relative to the premises and the well being of the personnel. Heather joined the Maia Institute in 2010 and has extensive experience in administration and office organization.